SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Brush for other programming languages

I want higlight my code snippets, so I found Wordpress plugin SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. It’s really great and easy to use, but it is not able to highlight my common codes like BAT, INI, AutoHotkey etc. I tried really hard to add those „brushes“ the hard way, but author of plugin was clever and you can add new brushes as separate WordPress plugins! Yes, that is great but where to find them?

Default plugin’s brushes are here: SyntaxHighlighter bundled brushes (they are for common languages like Bash, CSS, Delphi, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, XML). So if you want find some more, you must digg deeper to the internet and in WebArchive you find List of brushes SyntaxHighLighter. It’s very good place to start, but these brushes not work with current version of SyntaxHighlighter 3.x.

So I compare where is difference, convert old brushes to the new format and made them as WordPress plugins!

Here is very good tutorial how to do that: Adding a new brush (language).

Here are most of the non-bundled brushes for SyntaxHighlighter v3 as Wordpress plugins


adaAda (after Ada Lovelace) is and has been the language of choice for the DOD in the US for decades; brush created by
nasm8086, 8086, nasm, asm, masmAssembler is the language closest to the CPU; brush created by Tistory (?).download
ahk, autohotkeyAutoHotKey or AHK is a way to script and automate any application on your system, whether it supports automation or not; brush provided by mjneish (test page), probably created by “n-l-i-d” (no reference available).download
(ver 2.x)
bat, batch, cmd*.BAT and *.CMD files on Windows can contain batch file commands; brush created by Ildar
clojure, Clojure, cljClojure is a modern dialect of Lisp, created by Travis
ini, reg, infSimple brush for highlit INI, INF and Registry files. Author
latex, texLaTeX and TeX are the de facto document languages in the academic and scientific community and can be used to create PDF, PS, DVI and other outputs; brush created by Jorge Martinez de
lslLinden Scripting Language, used in Second Life, provided by sabrodownload
luaLua is an imperative / functional interpreted scripting language; brush created by
mathematica, mmMathematica for doing mathematical calculations, brush created by James Rohal. Note from author: the long list of functions (2200) can make the browser unresponsive when you use this
matlabMatLab is another program and language that can be used for mathematical calculations, brush created by James Rohal. Simpler MATLAB brush, which doesn’t slow down your browser, contains the most-used keywords only. Submitted by mail by Will Schleter based on James’s
Objective-C / Cocoa
objc, obj-cObjective-C or Cocoa, a variant of C++; brush provided by Geoffrey Byers and YoungJin Shin (v 1.5).download
rosRouterOS scripts are used for scripting MikroTik routers, found
rpgle, rpg4RPG or ILE-RPG is an old language still in wide use on IBM mainframes; brush created by Loyd
sahi, sahiscriptSahi is used for scripting web automation and web testing, brush created by V. Narayan
yaml, ymlYAML Ain’t Markup Language, human friendly serialization standard, created by Nicolas, (ver 2.x)


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I am looking for a custom brush for Clipper

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