add usb bt to ibm t23 (1.)

predem upozornuju, ze se to pokusim napsat v en, protoze co sem tak ted stravil asi 14 dni googlenim, tak sem nenasel moc informaci v anglictine, natoz v cestine, takze at jsou ty informace pouzitelny i pro ostatni.

i’m decided to implant bluetooth in to my notebook ibm t23. original CDC card (Modem+BT) is expensive and i don’t know if it works in t23 (because this modul is for higher models of ibm notebooks). so i buy relatively cheap USB BT MSI BToes2.0 and start thinking how to mount in my t23.

i’ve open my notebook and do research internal parts. first idea was connest it to UltraPort which is on the top of display, and which contains third USB port. so i measure connection between top UltraPort and connector on mainboard. finally i have wanted pins, but they are so close between us that soldering is in my humble opinion impossible.

so i measuring again if they are connected to bigger points in sorround. succes was ony half. within my research i found a datasheet of southbridge (i think) intel fw82801cam which apparently has 6 USB ports! so i am looking for the others. in the end i fount all 6 USB’s! there thea are on the rear side: two regular USBs, one USB in UltraPort on the top of display, one USB is in UltraBay connector, other in CDC Slot (probably for original CDC card with USB) and last one is at the DockingPort. so i belive that will be useful for someone. pinout of USB you find here.

and at the end i attaching some pictures with short description:

ibm mb top

top view on motherboard. i’ve named more things than we’ll need.

ibm mb bottom

bottom view on motherboard

ibm display port

here i start. connector where display is connected. black lines is ground, green and white are data+ and data- for USB, red is supply for USB, orange is common for all LEDs (HDD, CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock, Power) it’s +3,3V, and blue is cathode of ScrollLock LED which i maybe use for On/Off BlueTooth, who use ScrollLock? 🙂 secondly you see location of USB in DockingPort (here i will probably soldering)

ibm cdc and ultrabay

here are USBs on UltraBay and CDC port. again white is USB Data- and green is USB Data+, both od theese continue direct to southbridge.

ibm backport

location of back regular two USB’s pins.

ibm dock port

i am so happy that i found USB here! on the other side is relatively good space for soldering. another two lines is from UltraPort, orange and blue dots are from ScrollLock LED.

ibm fw82810cam

bottom side of southbridge. all black dots around are grounded, and on lonely pairs of dots are all six supported USBs.

second part: add usb bt to ibm t23 (2.)


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14.11.2007 15:55

takovy techniky… vubec tomu nerozumim..

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